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In our distinctive design, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. We lovingly translate business goals into visual statements utilizing color, form, texture and style, and top it off with our signature wow factor.

Yael Peer Exhibition Design Studio

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Yael Peer Exhibition Design Studio specializes in designing and producing unique booths for trade fairs and exhibitions, business events, showrooms and ongoing displays, as well as creating and placing attention-grabbing promotional stands in commercial spaces and retail outlets, both in Israel and abroad. Every commission we take on is handled with a great deal of creativity…and we truly enjoy every minute of it.

Each of our clients enjoys our full attention and professional artistry – starting with a fresh idea through masterful construction and all the way to staging the eye-catching booth on-site. For many years, and for the benefit of countless customers, our booths have been credited as brand builders as well as breakout marketing devices.

We believe that practical, contemporary well-designed solutions provide perfect, precise responses for clients who require professional, well-branded exposure. We also believe in close cooperation and communication with our diverse team of talented professionals in order to produce a strategic display that exceeds expectations. Our purpose is to pay extra attention to the smallest details while coordinating all of the parts into one breathtaking creation. Delivering according to our winning formula not only guarantees a high-quality, innovative booth, but one that satisfies any budget limitations.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” – John Lennon

Our reality is embodied by our feet, which are always planted firmly on the ground. These are contrasted by our heads held high up in the clouds, allowing us to engage our distinctive and extraordinary outlook. We’re dedicated to a high standard of design, planning, and production, driven by rewarding interpersonal relationships. We have an unwavering dedication to agreed-upon schedules and costs. We believe that designing and producing a booth that harmonizes with the message and is consistent with the business’s goals and vision serves as a foundation – and a beacon – for contact creation and business development. Our responsibility is to leave your customers with the impression of professionalism and an extraordinary experience. When we meet that goal, we boost your sales.

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE” – Napoleon Hill

Yael Peer Exhibition Design Studio was founded in 2000 by the innovative designer Yael Peer, and today is still driven by her ingenuity and creativity. She earned a Bachelor of Theatre Arts degree and majored in d’cor designing at Tel Aviv University. She is a popular lecturer at various colleges in Israel on the subject of exhibition design.

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