Exhibition name: RAX Planning, design and produce

Ministry of Health Israel

An opening day exhibition in the Residence of the President in Jerusalem emphasized healthy living for all ages. The exhibition consisted of interactive computer stations and informational displays depicting fascinating developments in the health field.

friendly technologies

exhibition: Broadband World Forum Amsterdam. Design, planning, production and execution

Various Promotional Stands

A variety of retail stands were created and installed in public areas of malls in a variety of styles and concepts, including ‘creation zones’ for kids to enjoy arts and crafts, activity stands to demonstrate, promote and sell products, and promotional kiosks. Different styles were adapted to the various malls.


Sales positions Planning, design and produce

Ministry of Tourism

IMTM Exhibition, 130 sq.m. Tourism Ministry is working all over the world, the concept of a world ball, moved thread design the booth, from huge arches illuminated balls hung up the hall and directed the pavilion.

Berman Showroom

We created a permanent showroom in the company’s headquarters that displayed popular products. The different brands were organized in dedicated areas, with access to business suites for meetings.


A unique and prominent structure incorporated the theme ‘The sky is the limit’ with branding high above the crowds at the Israchem and Watech exhibitions. The focus on height, prominent within the space, not only reflected the company’s values, but also provided space for media displays, meeting spaces and the story of the client’s continuous[…..]

Dror’s Social Center

Dror’s Social Center needed a unique retail space to show off whimsical pieces of art created by individuals with special needs. The eccentric works were perfectly displayed in well-designed wall units made of Perspex, aluminum and glass against brightly colored and stylishly shaped dividers.

Arad Towels

Exhibition name: hotel design Planning, design and produce

Ministry of Tourism 2016

IMTM exhibition, 130sqm of display that show all the branches in Israeli tourism. Included meeting area, interaction screens And more.

Eilat – Municipal tourism corporation

IMTM Exhibition, 40 sq.m Diagonal structure of the booth is designed to maximally exploit the exposure of the audience

Berman Group

An annual business event displaying office supplies for retailers in anticipation of back-to-school sales, in which we organized 700 square meters of display area by brands, with meeting and hosting spaces. Every year a different concept is chosen that influences the division of space, with Berman we solved this by controlling visitor traffic patterns and[…..]

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